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The BRC Show Diary (for Guidance only)

Update 16th August 2019

4 January
British Belgian Hare Club Huddersfield 3* Mr K Coulter

12 January
East Anglian Dutch RC Harlow 2* Mr D Sales (Open), Mr A Clarke (Members only)

18/19 January
Bradford Small Livestock Society Doncaster 5* Mrs G McKell (Angora, Harlequin/Magpie, Silver, Tan, Belgian Hare), Mr S Sproson (Dutch), Mr R Wearmouth (English, Himalayan), Mrs YA Goldsworthy (Lionhead), Miss LE Wheal (Netherland Dwarf), Mr KJ Bryant (Polish, Rare Variety Fancy), Mr WM Brake (Thrianta, Dwarf Lop, English Lop, French Lop, Meissner Lop), Mr CP Angell (Flemish Giant, Chinchilla, Californian, Chinchilla Giganta, Blue Rex, Otter Rex, Lilac/Fox/Lynx/Opal/Harlequin/Satin/AOC/V), Mrs S Grainger (Cashmere Lop, Cashmere Miniature Lop, Miniature Lion Lop, German Lop), Mrs R Waring (Miniature Lop), Mr RG Everitt (Argente, Silver Fox, Rare Variety Fur, Alaska, Beveren, New Zealand, Continental Giant), Mrs S Pyle (Havana, Lilac, Sable, Havana Rex, Castor Rex), Miss NC Gould (Satin, Miniature Satin, Siberian, Smoke Pearl, Smoke Pearl Rex, Seal;/Sable Rex), Mr S Sword (Ermine Rex, Black Rex, Orange/Fawn Rex, Chinchilla Rex, Dalmation Rex, Himalayan Rex), Mr JE Thornton (Miniature Rex), Mr G Boot (BIS) DN2 6BB

Bradford Small Livestock Society Doncaster 3* Mrs L J Keith (Fancy), Mr A Beasley (Lop), Mr A Wray (Fur), Miss P Otto (Rex), Mr N Bircumshaw (BIS)

2 February
Midland Belgian Hare Club Kegworth 2* Mr S Germnay

18 April AGM Coventry – No Show Support Granted

3 May
Southern Championship 4*

14 July
Great Yorkshire Show Harrogate 4*

22 July
Royal Welsh Agricultural Show 4*

30 August
West Midland Champs Coventry 4*

6 September
National Chinchilla Rabbit Club Barnetby 5* Centenary Show, Mr D Gallagher (Adults), Mr D Medlock (Young)

13 September
South Devon Fanciers 4* BIS John Sandford Award

26 September
North Eastern Championship 4*

10/11 October
London Championship Show 5*

25 October
Scottish Rabbit Club Kelso 4*