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Newcomers Help

Starting out in The Fancy can be a daunting experience and one that if not observed correctly, can lead to disillusion and heartache for both the owner and the rabbit. Certain criteria apply to all forms of livestock when keeping them as a pet and which need to be observed at all times. The animals needs and wants must be observed and maintained. It's health and future supported at all times.

Some breeds need certain extra elements within their lives to make them more comfortable and happy. This may be in the form of housing, grooming etc, so deciding on what breed one wants needs careful planning.

Within this site you will find all the information and help you need to successfully keep your rabbit happy and make the hobby of rabbit keeping an enjoyable one.

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Getting started with rabbits
Guide to keeping rabbits
Rabbit Housing
Importance of diet
5 Freedoms
Guide to showing rabbits
Combined Rabbit Leaflet cross folded A3