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Fur & Feather Junior Club Editor

The Junior Fanciers are increasing in numbers year on year and are helping to contribute to the great number of exhibits at the rabbit shows around the country. The juniors now also have their own page in the Fur and Feather magazine which enables them to send in pictures and letters and read how other juniors around the UK are doing. It is a great success as it also means that juniors are allowed to talk about matters that they think need improving in the rabbit Fancy as a whole.
The Junior Fancy is filled with juniors up to the age of 16 and this gives them the chance to compete against people their own age and this means that great friendships are made and also we get to meet people from all over the country. The juniors like everyone need help from time to time and this is given from the older fanciers who help them with their stock and also to learn about all the breeds and colours. A big part that the juniors help with, is the book stewarding as this for one helps them understand how the rabbits are judged and also helps them become more familiar with the rabbit fanciers. This then leads on to learning to judge but not everyone goes down this route as its not for them but for some it is.

The Juniors are the future of the Rabbit Fancy and they need all the encouragement that can be given as in this day and age it is hard to finance their rabbits and be prepared to look after them. The Juniors is where all the great fanciers of the past and present began, remember that you were in their shoes once and remember how it felt .Thank you for reading about the Juniors and I hope you enjoyed it.

Lucy Berry