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Going to Shows

Having obtained some stock which you consider is fit for competitions you will no doubt wish to set off to a show as soon as possible.

First you should ensure that you have become a member of the BRC and that the rabbit you intend to exhibit is rung with a ring registered in your name ( i.e. ring you purchased in your name or a ring which you have had transferred to your name. A transfer is not complete until you have received the confirmation slip back from the BRC).

Having selected the show you wish to exhibit at by either reference to the advertisement in Fur & Feather or advice from your local club secretary or District Advisor, you must now arrange to enter your exhibit.

There is nothing difficult about entering your rabbit. Check the closing date for entries. This is always stated in the advertisement and can be a couple of weeks before the event but with most local shows is usually within 5 days of the show date. Next check if there is a telephone number stated in the advertisement. Many shows accept entries by telephone.

If a number is stated contact the secretary a few days before closing date, you will often find that their telephone is very busy on the last day or two so ring early and they will have the time to help you with any assistance you require.

You should always be ready to provide the following information:

1. Your name ( The rabbit will be entered in the name you give so ensure that you make it clear if you show in a stud name, this name should also be the name in which the rabbit ring is registered of course.
2. Your address
3. The breed of your exhibit
4. The colour of your exhibit
5. The age of your exhibit ( is it over or under 5 months )
6. Is it a Buck or Doe.
7. Did you breed the exhibit. ( If you have transferred the ring you did not breed it, the exhibit must have been born on your property and be rung with a ring originally purchased from the BRC by you)
8. Are you a juvenile exhibitor ( under 16 years of age)

You will find the Secretary helpful and you should ask for directions if you do not know the location of the hall.
If no telephone number is stated you should provide the above information, enclose your telephone number and the correct entry fees and post to the address provided to ensure it arrives before the closing date stated.

Whether you telephone or post your entry you are responsible for paying the entry fees in full. If you do not end up going to the show for some reason after you have entered you should arrange to forward the fees to the Secretary as soon as possible.

The day of the show arrives, you have checked that you know the full address of the venue and the time for judging. Place your exhibit in a suitable container, a proper travelling box is best but do ensure that it is sound and provides ventilation. If you have some distance to travel do not place the rabbit in the boot of the car in very hot weather.

Set off to arrive 30 minutes before judging, see the Secretary who will ask for the ring number of your exhibit ( have it ready to save time and effort) and give you a pen number. Pay your entry fee. You should then place your exhibit in it's pen. Some bedding will already be provided but you may add to this from your travelling box or provide your own should you wish.

As this is your first show you should now leave your rabbit alone and stand back, have a cup of tea and watch the proceedings. At your second or third show you may wish to ask the Secretary if you could steward if you feel confident you can handle all the different breeds. Remember that the rabbits that you steward are owned by others and handle them as you would wish them to handle yours.

In due course the judging will commence. At some shows there are two or more judges who each judge a section and then come together to judge "joint" duplicate classes and eventually Best in Show. Each judge will commence with his first "Breed" class. Each "Breed" or "Straight" class is confined to the one breed of a given age. If the breed is popular in the area these may be split into several separate classes. i.e.

1. Dutch Black or Blue Adult
2. Dutch Black or Blue under 5 months
3. Dutch any other colour adult
4. Dutch any other colour under 5 months

When the judge has completed his various individual "Breed" classes he will then judge the individual class winners of that Breed against each other to find the "Best of Breed". i.e A Black Dutch, yellow Dutch, Blue Dutch and Chocolate find the Best Dutch rabbit.

When this has been completed ALL the Best of Breeds meet in the "Mixed Duplicates" to ascertain the Best rabbit in that section (Lop, Fancy, Fur & Rex). When the various section winners have been decided, these then meet in the Grand Challenge to ascertain the Best rabbit in the Show.

Until all judging is completed your exhibit must remain in it's pen. When judging is complete, remove any prize cards that you may have been lucky enough to win and collect from the Secretary and prize money due. You may "box" your exhibit and go home at this time.

The judging may take anything from 2 hours to all day depending on the size of the show. Ask the Secretary to introduce you to someone who can explain what's going on as things proceed, have a good look round and take the opportunity to ask questions you have. You will find that rabbit fanciers are usually more than pleased to have a chat and you can learn more about any subject connected with rabbit keeping by speaking to others than reading about it.

Most important of all enjoy the Show!