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National Specialist Clubs

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Alaska Rabbit Club

Mr S M Watts 02476 315405
British Belgian Hare Club Mrs R Brasier 01724 843775
British Mini Rex Club Mrs A Preece 01922 743044
Harlequin Rabbit Club Mrs J Bee 01636 676875
Lion Lops UK Mrs E Massey-Beeston 01283 703314
National Angora Rabbit Club Mrs C Hamilton 01233 732194
National Argente Rabbit Club Mrs L Thompson 01229 582591
National Black Rex Club Mr S Sword 01986 784669
National Blue Rex Club Mrs J Taylor 01509 503539
National Californian Rabbit Assoc Mr W Wheeler  
National Cashmere Lop Club Mrs Heather Childs 0115 9404574
National Castor Rex Club Mrs S Bulman 01287 676558
National Chinchilla Giganta RC 2015 Mr A Carter 01626 863154
National Chinchilla Rabbit Club Mr A Carter 01626 863154
National Chinrex Club Mr F Avill 01775 630739
National Continental Giant Rabbit Club Mr D Pounder 01429 865788
National Dalmatian Rex Rabbit Club Mrs L Thompson 01229 582591
National English Lop Rabbit Club Mrs M Cawdron 01709 382962
National English Rabbit Club Mr P Shaw 01325 260409
National Ermine Rex Rabbit Club Mr A Hill 01332 679827
National Flemish Giant Rabbit Club Mr R D White 01494 882582
National French & Dwarf Lop Club Mrs P Atkinson 01942 493658
National German Lop Club Ms L Morris 01614 199298
National Havana Rabbit Club Mr M F Fox 01625 520647
National Himalayan Rabbit Club Mrs L Thompson 01229 582591
National Himalayan Rex Rabbit Club Miss K Evans 07837 551302
National Lilac Rabbit Club Miss L A Wray 01625 520647
National Lionhead Rabbit Club Miss R Sheppard 07545 984849
National Lynx Rex Club Mrs D Nicholson 02920 634903
National Miniature Lop Rabbit Club Mrs D Laidlow 07962 175845
National Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club Mr G P & Mrs D Hodson 01909 564387
National New Zealand Rabbit Club Mrs C Gray 01724 783644
National Orange & Fawn Rex Rabbit Assoc Mrs J Calvert 01795 890003
National Otter Rex Rabbit Club Mr C P Angell 01638 490403
National Polish Rabbit Club Mrs D Nicholson 02920 634903
National Satin Club Mrs J Morris 01614 199298
National Seal & Sable Rex Rabbit Club Mr A Aldred 01942 671009
National Siberian Rabbit Club Mr L Kaute 07880748307
National Silver Fox Rabbit Club Mrs A J Nielson 01943 864083
National Silver Rabbit Club Mr G Hodson 01522 800739
National Smoke Pearl Rabbit Club Miss Lucy Wheal 07523 864772
National Tan Rabbit Club Mr K Beck 01423 313823
Rare Varieties Rabbit Club Mrs K Malcolm 01924 259509
The Beveren Club Mr C Baker 02476 616615
The Sable Rabbit Club Mr C Hornsey 07432 246243
Thrianta UK Mr B Wrigley 01772 745978
UK Rex Club Mrs S Bulman 01287 676558
United Kingdom Dutch Rabbit Club Mr W J & Mrs J M Paley 01484 659274