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Breeders Directory

The British Rabbit Council is unable to give any guarantee as to the health, fertility or suitability as a Show animal of the stock being sold, neither can we give any guarantee as to whether any rabbit conforms to the Breed Standard. Although the persons registered in this Directory are BRC Members, it is the responsibility of the individuals concerned to check that the rabbits are healthy and of the required standard prior to purchasing. All sales and purchases of rabbits which might take place following a contact made through this Directory is the responsibility of the buyer and seller respectively and the British Rabbit Council is involved only as a means of introducing prospective purchasers to BRC Members who keep a particular breed of rabbit.
Mrs Y Hobbs-Fothergill (Willowcot Stud) Marden, Hertfordshire Tel: 01568 797027 Email: yvonne.fothergill@gmail.com ANGORA (white)

Mrs S A May (Bourne Stud Angoras) Salisbury, Wiltshire, Tel 01980 655572 Mob: 07584 179472 ANGORA (chocolate, blue, smoke, sooty fawn, white)
Mrs A Brouard (Verger Stud) Guernsey Tel: 01481 723495 Mob: 07781 113436 Email: allib@cwgsy.net ARGENTE (noir, bleu), SILVER FOX (chocolate)
Mr G T Pounds (Pound Stud), Marlow Tel: 01628 483594 Mob: 07775 608369 Email: valjpounds@gmail.com CALIFORNIANS (all colours)
Mr & Mrs R D White, High Wycombe, Tel: 01494 882582 Mob: 07817 295419 Email: williamdavidwhite60@gmail.com FLEMISH GIANTS, CHINCHILLA GIGANTA, CONTINENTAL GIANTS
Mr G Thacker (Howmonrey Stud), Waddingham, Lincolnshire, Tel: 01673 818010 Email: brandywharflp@freenetname.co.uk HARLEQUIN (black, brown, blue, rex coated)
Mr I Ruffle , Gt Bardfield, Essex Tel: 01371 810986 Mob: 07980 960082 LILAC

Mrs Paula Atkinson, Wigan  Tel: 01942 493658 Email: paula@sprma.com DWARF LOPS (white, agouti, chinchilla,  opal, squirrel & occasionally black, blue, sooty fawn, iron grey & beige)

Mrs K Brown  (Regalops Stud),Edinburgh, Scotland Mob: 07986 452202
Email: kathrynbrownuk@yahoo.co.uk Website: www.minilopscotland.co.uk  MINI LOPS & DWARF LOPS (white, orange, sooty fawn, beige & chocolate otter, specialising in butterfly pattern)

Mrs A Crompton  (Rossendale Stud), Haslingden, Lancs Tel: 01706 213365 Email: annecrompton76@gmail.com FRENCH LOPS (rew, agouti, steel, opal, solids & butterflies) MINI LOPS (rew, agouti, steel & sooty fawn)

Mrs P Fletcher  (Lady Stud), Tamworth, Staffordshire Tel: 01827 286880 MINIATURE LOPS (sooty fawn, rew, blue & agouti)

Mrs J Pooke (Kezick Stud) South Lakes, Cumbria Tel:07989 791844 DWARF LOPS and MINI LOPS (white, black, blue, sooty fawn, other colours sometimes available) Small select stud

Mrs A Taylor, Fillongley, Coventry Tel: 01676 540265 Mob: 07929 314356 DWARF LOP (sooty fawn)
MINIATURE LOP (black otter, blue otter, black, other colours occasionally)

Mrs L Trenaman, Newton Abbot, Devon Tel: 07512 427784 Email: lyndatrenaman@gmail.com MINI LOP (Black and blue otter, chocolate, orange, butterfly)


Mrs L Trenaman, Newton Abbot, Devon Tel: 07512 427784 Email: lyndatrenaman@gmail.com MINI REX (Himalayan, Orange, Marten Smoke)

Ms J Clark, Glasgow, Scotland  Mob: 07950 643352 Email: poppyfieldstud@hotmail.com Website: www.poppyfieldstud.co.uk NETHERLAND DWARFS (sealpoint, beige, orange & tortoiseshell)

Mrs M A Edwards, (Devereux Stud), Watford, Hertfordshire Tel: 01923 231561 Mob: 07732 541145 Email: marionaedwards@gmail.com NETHERLAND DWARFS (chinchilla, agouti, blue otter & black otter)

Mr George Moss & Mrs Angela Moss  (Moss Stud), Cambridge, Tel: 01223 241594 Mob:  07398 191063 Email: angelamoss100@hotmail.com  NETHERLAND DWARFS (siamese smoke, black otter)

Mrs Angela Saunders
, Norwich, Norfolk Tel: 01603 810331 Email: angela.saunders40@gmail.com NETHERLAND DWARFS (Himalayan)

Mrs L Trenaman, Newton Abbot, Devon Tel: 07512 427784 Email: lyndatrenaman@gmail.com NETHERLAND DWARF (Siamese/Sable, Marten Smoke)
Mr I Paull & Mrs L Winn  (Bere Stud), Yelverton, Devon, Tel: 01822 840688 SILVER FOX (black)

Mr P Hopkins  (Raven Stud), Colchester, Essex Tel: 01206 511016 Mob: 07951 841855 Email: paulhopkins561@gmail.com THRIANTAS & MINI PAPILLONS (tri-col & black)